February 2015 - November 2016
Wojciech S. Wocław

Wojciech S. Wocław


His distinguished characteristics are elegance, refined manners and style, along with eloquence, humour and great competence, thanks to which he  embodies the best compering traditions. He possesses a deep radio voice. Owing to his enchanting presentation skills, he seduces the audience and renders the events a memorable experience.

He published two books: A Journal [?] of a countryside and a literary reportageThe Homeless. In a collaboration with prof. Wojciech Ligęza, he edited a volume dedicated to Józef Wittlin. He published prose, poetry, and literary texts in ?Dekada Literacka?, ?Fraza?, ?Konteksty Kultury?, ?Pogranicza?, ?Red?, ?Tygiel Kultury? and in London?s ?Ekspresje?.

He makes every effort to popularize savoir-vivre and business etiquette. He conducts coaching sessions in etiquette and the art of public performances. These are also touched upon in the media (RMF FM, RMF Classic, Radio Kraków). He is known to a larger audience as he frequently appeared in the program ?Dobre wychowanie? [Mannerliness] on Radio Kraków. Presently, he runs a blog dedicated to savoir-vivre on rmf24.pl.

For more information please visit: www.wojciechswoclaw.pl